AIS channel special session about OSRC

This interview is a short presentation about the concept of open-source research. What are the new tools for conducting clinical research? How have these ideas emerged through the implementation of information technologies and artificial intelligence? How does OpenSourceResearch collaboration works?

Why do we need it?

How can we get involved in this vast network of researchers from different scientific disciplines?

At the end of the presentation three examples of innovative research are discussed: computer simulation models in surgery, artificial intelligence in mapping blood supply to colon and rectum, and search engines to navigate electronic health records.

Surgeons at different levels of their training can benefit from this presentation as it 1 guides them through a new field of innovation. The presentation encourages surgeons to innovate and explains how academic research can lead to innovative solutions and afterwards spin off startups.

The presentation also demonstrates how the OpenSourceResearch organization advances the career of surgeons as surgeons become involved in the organization work including leadership, teaching, mentorship, organization and communication.

OpenSourceResearch organization is an incubator of ideas as well as innovators.

The interview can be seen on AIS channel:

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