Basic Research Skills for Young Researchers in Low- and Middle Income Countries (LMICs)

The first OpenSourceResearch workshop for young researchers in low-and middle-income countries was held in Ankara-Turkey the 15th-16th October 2021.

One of the aims of OpenSourceResearch is to reduce the expanding gap between developed and developing countries. This can be achieved through continuous education of researchers and to-be researchers from LMICs.

The inclusion of LMICs in generating scientific knowledge will increase generalizability of research results.

The workshop is a collaboration between #OpenSourceResearch and Gazi University in Ankara.

The subjects to be covered in this 2-days workshop are:

  • Scientific thinking
  • Basic and applied research
  • Introduction to the statistical analysis
  • Implementation of artificial intelligence and information technology in clinical research
Open source research's teaching philosophy

70 participants from different nationalities, different disciplines including engineers, students at different stages of education physicians and specialist.

The international nature of this workshop was amazing. Participants joined physically and online. Due to Covid-19, it was challenging to organise such an international event.

The workshop was dynamic with many interaction sessions, lively discussions and group exercises. The innovation in clinical research was carefully “dissected” during those 2 days.

The passion is what makes OpenSourceResearch collaboration attractive to most of us. Not only passion for research but also for networking and learning.