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Implementing information technologies in medical research

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OSRC is active in building multi-disciplinary research teams to explore the implementation of information technologies and artificial intelligence in medical research. Here, you can see our research projects, teams and how far we have achieved in different research projects.

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As we share this planet, we must share resources to survive. Knowledge is the most precious resource.
OSRC aims to reduce the knowledge gap between developed and developing countries through courses, workshops and boot-camps to encourage StratUp culture. OSRC is an open university by and for you.

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OSRC have established a vast international network of researchers, physicians, surgeons, data scientists, IT engineers, healthcare providers and administrators. Our experience in innovative medical research is growing with time as well as the number of our researchers. We have plenty of offers to partners.

Traditional research methods cannot live up to the challenges facing the health care systems.

OSRC aims to implement information technologies and artificial intelligence in exploring and developing new tools to conduct medical research.

Spin off startups based on these new research tools will be encouraged.

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18 June 2022


A new collaboration with will strengthen OSRC publication expertise in publications. OSRC will get help in editing some important…
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13 June 2022

Danish Life Science Cluster

We have established a new partnership with Danish Life Science Cluster. This will connect OpenSourceResearch organisation to companies, knowledge environments…
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8 June 2022

Collaborations with universities

OSRC is exploring collaboration with a couple of Danish universities. The collaboration will be based on a win – win…
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This will connect OpenSourceResearch organization to companies, knowledge environments and organizations within life science and welfare technologies.



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Implementing information technologies in
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