What is OSRC? An international organisation for research and development

Aim? To promote innovation in healthcare

How? Through implementation of information technologies

Who are we? Clinicians, scientists, IT engineers and computer scientists in addition to students in those fields

A short film about OSRC

What is Open Source Research?

Open source research is the research that make use of any publicly available information such as databases, internet and social media
OSRC pointed out that traditional research methods cannot live up to the challenges facing the health care systems
OSRC aims to implement information technologies in exploring, developing and disseminating new tools to conduct medical research

How can you get involved in OSRC?

For researchers:

Get involved in

OSRC is active in building multi-disciplinary research teams to explore the implementation of information technologies and artificial intelligence in medical research. Our aim is to explore and develop new tools for medical research. OSRC provide research opportunities for medical students. Anyone can join OSRC and develop research skills.

For students/trainees/clinicians:

Take part in

As we share this planet, we must share resources to survive. Knowledge is the most precious resource. OSRC aims to reduce the knowledge gap between developed and developing countries through courses, workshops and boot-camps to build research skills and resources. OSRC is an open university by and for you.

For medical industry:

Benefit from

OSRC have established a vast international network of researchers, physicians, surgeons, data scientists, IT engineers, healthcare providers and administrators. Our experience in innovative medical research and bioinformatics research, is growing with time as well as the number of our researchers. We have plenty of offers to our partners.

OSRC in action

OpenSourceResearch collaboration creating innovators who will create need-driven solutions

OSRC in action

Latest News

9 April 2024

The launch of the BJS Award 2025 

A celebration of excellence in surgical science, the BJS Award recognises a discovery, innovation or scientific study that has changed…
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3 October 2023

Successful OSRC participation in ESCP

OSRC members participated in different sessions during the annual conference of European Society of Colo-Proctology in Vilnius 27-29th September 2023….
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18 July 2023

OSRC impact in social media

OpenSourceResearch collaboration has increasing impact in social media for example more than 57000 impressions on Twitter
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OpenSourceResearch Collaboration (OSRC) aims to close the gap between the rapidly evolving information technology sector and the slowly moving healthcare sector.

Traditional medical research methods cannot solve modern healthcare systems problems. Information technologies have revolutionized many areas of research and development for instance banking and commerce and can therefore change the way in which we are performing medical research.

OSRC is an open platform to explore, develop and validate new tools to conduct medical research. These innovative tools implement information technologies and artificial intelligence. The multi-disciplinary research teams approach and agile project management are two concepts cherished by OSRC.

The OSRC is an open-source product however, it encourages spin off StartUps based on its innovative research. In this model OSRC is an academic institute, incubator and/or accelerator of StartUps. Our members can get involved in the academic research as well as entrepreneurial creativity, leadership, and problem-solving activities.



OSRC is an incubator

OSRC helps organizations and individual entrepreneurs to develop their businesses by providing a range of services starting with training. OSRC is thus a catalyst tool for regional and national economic development.

OSRC is not not only incubator of good ideas, but also an incubator to develop skills in leadership, teaching, administration and communication.

OSRC is a sandbox

A sandbox is a testing environment that isolates untested code changes and outright experimentation from the production environment or repository. Sandboxes replicate at least the minimal functionality needed to accurately test the programs or other code under development.

With access to data, ideas and medical industry, OSRC provides a unique international sandbox.

OSRC is a hub

In network science, a hub is a node with a number of links that greatly exceeds the average. OSRC connects a large network of researchers, to-be-researchers and students with academic centers and medical industry to develop new tools for medical research.

With thousands of followers, users and members,  OSRC‘ network effect is growing fra day to day.