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Computer simulation models:

Computer Modelling and Simulation refers to the process of constructing and manipulating computer-based mathematical, graphical or algorithmic representations of real-life systems or phenomena, for the purpose of conducting computer-based simulations to study, predict or optimise the behaviour of the system(s) / phenomena under consideration. The complexities of modern biomedicine are rapidly increasing. Thus, modelling and simulation have become increasingly important as a strategy to understand and predict the trajectory of pathophysiology, disease genesis, and disease spread in support of clinical and policy decisions.


Computer simulations models research aims to investigate and implement those aims.

Open source research focus on those applications:

Computer simulation models have many important applications:

  1. Test the effects of interventions by using blood investigations, patients reported outcome measures and daily monitoring charts combined.
  2. Test the drugs in the randomised trials.
  3. Assessing surgical outcome.
  4. Assessing the effect of recovery and enabling planning of early discharge.
  5. Detect patterns of disease deterioration.

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