What can we offer?

Think tank:

OpenSourceResearch Collaboration (OSRC) has a vast network of researchers from different disciplines. High profil researchers with long experience in health care research may contribute to different projects where expertise in information technologies must be combined with expertise in health care.

OSRC is a platform to facilitate implementation of information technologies and artificial intelligence in medical research. It is a “compiler” or “translator” that speaks both the IT and health care languages fluently.

Partnership in raising funds:

OSRC aims to create multidisciplinary teams to work out innovative solutions that aim to address challenges in the healthcare sector by using advances in information technologies and artificial intelligence. 

OSRC is, in this context, a strong partner in raising funds from governmental as well as from private funds. Through our partnership we can also tap the potentials in venture capital and establish collaboration with medical industry.

Our aims are clear: we are determined to create applicable knowledge to improve data use/re-use, data mining, data augmentation, synthetic data, computer simulation models and artificial intelligence implementation in medical research,

Academic support for medical research:

OSRC is determined to close the gap between developing and developed countries in medical research. We offer support to establish research infra-structure, to researchers and scholars all over the world.

OSRC has a unique experience in conducting researches online. Our mentorship and training programs have produced plenty of talented researchers.

But why choosing OpenSourceResearch?

We have virtually unlimited capacity to generate new ideas to address the needs of our societies.

We are a community composed of creative individuals always willing to pursue new challenges, especially when it benefits our societies and environments.

Our focus on creating a culture where attributes such as entrepreneurial-, creative- and critical thinking are valued and supported will help to respond to future opportunities and challenges.

Our purpose as an organisation is to contribute to the body of world knowledge while simultaneously engaging our members in learning guided by processes of discovery, creativity, and innovation. The knowledge we create promotes cultural understanding and social justice, improves quality of life, and helps to secure a prosperous and sustainable future.

We use our scholarly expertise to discover, create and innovate. We evaluate ideas critically and continually grow our understanding of phenomena across diverse academic disciplines and subjects. We foster informed debate and objective approaches for understanding, unpacking, and solving complex problems.

We are a trusted organization that generates objective information and promotes critical discussion for public benefit. In this era of alternative facts, societies need evidence-based decision- and policy-making. Our knowledge creation can be laser-focused to solve important problems within prescribed disciplines, or we can open new doors for inquiry and expression not currently appreciated or anticipated by society.

We are a dynamic collaborative with each individual scholar on a life-long journey of personal growth and professional development.

Why should a newly born, nonprofit, independent international organization bother about improving healthcare?

The production of scientific knowledge and the desire to solve real-world problems are closely entwined.

BUT  Corporate science has gone into decline, with big firms increasingly choosing to license research from universities rather than do it themselves. Further removed from production, the universities which serve as the primary research focus in many countries are not so focused on useful invention. If the current innovation system is simply less good at creating growth-boosting innovations than it was, then spending more on R&D will not raise incomes as much as it might. It may simply produce more research papers.

This is true in applying advances in information technologies and artificial intelligence in clinical settings. We have data. We have motivations. We have plenty of papers. But we are far away from tackling everyday problems in clinical practice.

OpenSourceResearch has been created to tackle this. We have the inside-knowledge about clinical settings, researchers’ brain power and we are partnering up with technology firms.

We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

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