Frequently asked questions about OpenSourceResearch Collaboration:

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We are an international organisation based in Denmark, inspired by open source coding and founded by a group of international researchers.

We aim to advance the use of information technology and artificial intelligence in clinical research.  The advances in information technology can create new opportunities to researchers. From mining big data through artificial intelligence and virtual reality, we aim to build a new solid and applicable research experience and develop the know-how of IT-supported, clinically oriented research .

Part of our mission is to support scientists and students of science in low- and middle-income countries. To reduce the expanding gap between developed and developing countries in clinical research.

As a member you can join our partners’ organisations such as HTC, TAMP, DAM…etc and enjoy many membership advantages.

As a member you can connect with researchers and medical industry using the network provided by our partner CollabWith.

On our website, click “join us” button and chose your membership level. 

As a junior researcher, you can get help at different stages of production of research starting from design of your research project, recruitment of contributors, statistical analysis, manuscript writing, peer review of your work and spreading the knowledge about your research. You can connect with leading international researchers and build a solid know-how in clinical research.

As a senior researcher, you will be a pioneer in IT-supported clinical-oriented research. Your role as a leader will certainly be strengthened as you will be part of our corporate authorship in the papers where your expertise is needed. Your influence in the field researches will increase and with all these advantages, many doors will be opened for future opportunities.

Our research portfolio spread across a very wide spectrum of projects.  Medical research, improving communication between health care providers, healthcare administrators and patients, management of medical data, using artificial intelligence in research, exploring the role of social media in research… etc. 

#OpenSourceResearch collaboration is a non-profit, independent organization. Therefore, we don’t pay money, financial incentives or salaries. However, the know-how and the experience that you will gain with us will be your asset.

You can choose the amount of time you contribute and the type of contribution according to the resources that you have. For example, if you are a student, you can contribute when you find research project that attracts you and when you have time to contribute. However, transparency is very important in open source projects. That is to say, if you commit to contribute, we expect your timely contribution. Please, let us know if there is something preventing you from contributing after you have committed to it.

There are many different ways to contribute to this collaboration according to how much knowledge you have and how much time you wish to invest.  It is like open source coding; there are programmers, administrators, web designers, fundraising and a lot of related functions in the organisation. In #OpenSourceResearch collaboration, we may need any other contribution you can offer.

Let us take research as an example.  You can contribute with design of the research, statistical analysis, recruitment of contributors to the research project and in case of medical research so you can contribute with recruitment of patients. In addition to the above-mentioned you can contribute in writing/editing manuscripts, peer review of the articles, spreading the knowledge about the scientific research and so on.

You can also contribute to the administration of this organisation.  We need people to help us in designing and maintaining our website, activities on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook), answering questions raised by new members or prospective members and many other activities related to this organization.

It is a good question.  Time is valuable and therefore we don’t want anybody to waste his/her time without getting rewarded for the time invested.  As you can contribute in different ways, you can get rewards in different ways also.

If we take the example of research again, you will gain a lot of experience at the all stages of production of research.  You can be a co-author of articles produced by this collaboration.  You will access a large and ever-expanding international network of researchers in different fields of science.

If you contributed with the administration, then your work will be acknowledged in in addition to the experience that you will get from working within this organisation.  We would love to support your career with references of recommendation if needed.

We aim to advance medical research through better integration of information technology in medical research. There is a need for #OpenSourceResearch platform in both developed and developing countries.

In developed countries, where the advanced health system provides a solid structure for medical research, trillions of gigabytes of data are generated every day.  However, the use of these data is limited.  One of the reasons is that few people have the knowledge of and training required to dig up in this data and get results.  Data analysis to get useful results requires a combination of two different sets of knowledge.  Knowing the digital healthcare data, clinical settings and what is needed in management of patients on one hand and knowing the information technology, data mining and programming on the other hand.  Researchers from different disciplines may see the world from different angles.  By having this platform, we aim to integrate researchers from different specialties to develop a vision that combines these two different types of knowledge.

In developing countries by contrast, the problem is different.  Intelligent, qualified people with energy and will to conduct research, have difficulties in producing high quality research due to underdeveloped infrastructure in their countries. The #OpenSourceResearch collaboration will provide the needed training and experience to integrate the intellectual power of these researchers into a global network.

We believe that supporting researchers in developing countries will spread the scientific knowledge and increase the chances to development in these societies. The ubiquitous spread of Internet encourages #OpenSourceResearch collaboration by using the network effect.

The working model of #OpenSourceResearch collaboration is different from other platforms.  We focus specifically on using information technology in medical research.  At any rate having many different platforms may improve competition and final production from these platforms.  Giant IT platforms like Google, Facebook and Apple had such a competition also.

Cognitive diversity is an advantage that #OpenSourceResearch collaboration have over other platforms.  In a world where ideas are treasure, diversity means opportunities to see the problem from different angles and find creative solutions that has not been tapped before.

We believe that the world is a big village.  Information technology made our everyday life sensitive to changes in other parts of the globe.  By developing the researchers’ talents in low-middle income countries, we add their ideas to solve problems of developed countries as well as those of researchers countries.  It is a win – win concept.

#OpenSourceResearch collaboration is a non-profit, registered international organisation like ESCP, ECCO, ACGBI and other national or international organisations.

The membership fee is needed to cover the administrative costs because #OpenSourceResearch collaboration is an independent from university, governmental and/or private enterprises.

Membership is available in many levels with a discount for members from low- and middle- income countries.

Free membership is also available to those who cannot afford to the membership fee.

It is not unusual for Open Source products to charge fees for extra service. WordPress for example charges also for fee for extra service like plug-ins. This is necessary to keep the Open Source as free and independent enterprise.

Our members are part of our big family with rights and duties.

Our members are our infrastructure because we don’t have an academic infrastructure based in University, governmental or private entity.

Our members play a major role in the centre of the organisation as intellectual contributors and not only data collectors

As the organisation grows up and funding opportunities become better, better service for members will be available.

All are invited and all are welcome. Anyone interested in our collaborative research projects can join our research teams using free membership choice.

Still have questions? then watch this interview:

Still have questions? then watch this short video: