Our Partners


NOVODAN is a Nordic consulting company which assists, guides, and transfers knowledge to customers in using technologies and methods in data science, high-performance computing, and innovation management.

NovoDan supports customers’ innovation and digital transformation processes for better business outcomes, especially sustainable development goals.


Edanz offers an in-depth edit to ensure that manuscript is written in flawless, polished, natural English.

Edanz experts also help by editing for clarity and for accuracy of scientific expression.

Edanz partnership will help OSRC researchers to achieve high performance as well as support OSRC educational workshops. 


Partnership between open source research and frontiers in bioinformatics

Frontiers in Bioinformatics

An innovative journal that provides a forum for new discoveries in bioinformatics.

It focuses on how new tools and applications can bring insights to specific biological problems.

Open source research collaboration with Rhino Health

Rhino Health

Rhino Health is a growing team of healthcare and technology experts committed to accelerating creation and adoption of AI-based healthcare solutions for increasingly diverse patient populations.

BJS partnership with open source research collaboration

BJS publication

The BJS Society owns complementary surgical publications, BJS and BJS Open, renowned for the exceptional quality of their peer review and editorial processes.

Danish Life Science Cluster

is a Danish national cluster that builds bridges, drives innovation and creates networks between companies, knowledge environments and organizations within life science and welfare technology.

The Danish Life Science Cluster brings together members from all over the country.

Replica Analytics

Replica Analytics develops synthetic data generation technology. Synthetic data is considered non-identifiable and therefore can be shared with few restrictions.

The synthesis engine can also be used to amplify small datasets to enable more data hungry analytics.


TodAI aims to make artificial intelligence accessible to as many companies in Denmark as possible through teaching, courses, strategy development. 

TodAI is part of the ECIT group, which is a group with over 1,500 employees.


Lakeside is a Danish company specialised in digital strategies, IT architecture and project management. It has many years of experience in IT. Its work focuses on flexibility, readiness for change and efficiency. “Building or acquiring a new IT system or infrastructure has many parallels to the classic construction” the company provide consultations and partnership in digitalization projects.

Aims to create an open collaboration on scientifically based surgical training by connecting key opinion leaders, surgical societies, governmental bodies, the surgical industry and other engaged authorities – for the benefit of surgeons in training, surgeons as teachers and every single patient by reducing surgical errors.

AI Agents

AI Agents make AI accessible to you.
AI Agents manage the data tsunami of the business world using pioneering expert technology, designed to give clients competitive advantage.

Agent has already won many contracts with leading international big companies.

High Tech Surgery Association

The goals of HTC are:

1. To exchange and to promote knowledge about surgical technology, new approaches and all scientific advances applied to the surgical field.
2. To promote scientific studies in order to develop and increase new technological trends and education in the surgical area.
3. To promote courses and training workshops around the world, spreading knowledge and technology in the minimally invasive surgery area.

Qastroenterologiya və İnvaziv Endoskopiya cəmiyyətiigh (Azerbaijan invasive endoscopy association)

This association of surgeon and endoscopists aims to promote mini-invasive and endoscopic intervention in gastro-intestinal tract.

OpenSourceResearch partnership with this associationincluded helping to recruite high profile speakers to the activties of the association in addition to help in organizing the international conferences and workshops.


TAMP has grown to a core group of 10 with many top advisors including doctor innovators, renowned technologists and other diverse experts. TAMP’s collective vision and Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP) is to ENABLE 10 million global doctors so they can better navigate in the Digital VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambigous) world and can then also better ENGAGE billions of patients, facing similar pains in digital health.


Partnership with OSRC:

We offer our partners a unique chance to get insider knowledge about healthcare systems in all the countries where we have members.

This knowledge is essential to develop, validate and market medical products.

We are standing strong in clinical research with well-known experienced international researchers who are actively engaged in academic life. This academic connection allows our partners to be part of research and development in the academic centers.


GMDVA provides diverse, quality, quick, global learning and community services for clinical decision making based on the latest proven treatments and therapies from around the world.

This international organization have many aims. Collabwith is a matchmaking service that aims to increase your growth and innovation through collaboration. They also offer other services like mentoring and consultation.


MugsPubs is a popular blog written by one of the journal publishing industry’s top insiders. The blog helps researchers to learn about journal publishing in a way that is clear and innovative. It’s a fantastic resource for Early Career Researchers or those who want to know more about Open Access, Open Science and the journal publishing industry. 

Doqboard is a clinical studies platform dedicated to practitioners. Devoted to the development of medical research, they help practitioners, associations, research groups, and industry promoters to simply carry out their projects, regardless of the number.

MIS: Mini-invasive Surgery
Mini-invasive Surgery (MIS) is an international peer-reviewed, open access,  journal that aims to promote the greater exchange and dissemination of ideas, findings, novel techniques, and the utilization of new instruments and materials among experts . The journal provides a global platform that deals with research related to all areas of minimally invasive surgery, endoscopy, treatment, and diagnosis. MIS is totally free publication for authors since its inception.

OWN Intelligence

In a world of information overload, OWN introduces AI Agents, professional digital assistants, super bots, that use artificial intelligence to generate crucial intelligence.