OSRC Research

Human anatomy project:

Worldwide human anatomy project is an ambitious innovative intuitive to map human anatomy world wide by capturing high quality images from donors. The huge database that will be constructed can show variations of human anatomy and 3D images can be refine in iterative cycle to reach high fidelity presentation of human anatomy. Imagine it as worldwide genome project!

This will be revolutionized medical care. Diagnosis and management of diseases as well as the simulators that are used to train surgeons. The real surgical simulation has been launched by professor Stefen Benz as an open source project. OpenSourceResearch adopted the idea and the organization is working with professor Stefan Benz to develop the concept, attract attention of surgical community and explore collaboration with medical industry.

  • How would it influence surgery?
    Training and surgical care (surgical volume) would be unlinked:
    – Training would be speeded up enormously
    – Intraoperative disasters and troubleshooting could be practiced
    – Training at home would be possible if affordable consoles are developed
    – Technical training could be delivered during the time of highest motor skills of the surgeon
    – Risk of training/career failure would be greatly reduced
    – Surgery would be much more attractive for surgeons with families due to better work-life-balance
  • Reducing risk of surgical innovations
    – Entirely new procedures can be developed much more safely and rapidly
    – New procedures could be practiced before adoption in routine without any risk
  • Increasing patient safety
    – Taking the operative next step of difficulty at any level of expertise would be much easier and less stressful
    – Risks during learning curves of any operation can be largely reduced
    – Rare or especially complex operations could be practiced completely or partially before the actual procedure
    – Required minimum caseloads could be achieved as simulated procedures to a certain degree
    – No training and practicing on patients

Where are standing now and where we are heading to?

We are the stage of building the background knowledge, establish partnerships and raise funds to researchers and research equipment.