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Human anatomy project:

Worldwide human anatomy project is an ambitious innovative intuitive to map human anatomy worldwide by capturing high quality images from donors. The huge database that will be constructed can show variations of human anatomy and 3D images can be refine in iterative cycle to reach high fidelity presentation of human anatomy. Imagine it as worldwide genome project!

This will revolutionize medical care. Diagnosis and management of diseases as well as the simulators that are used to train surgeons. The real surgical simulation has been launched by Professor Stefen Benz as an open source project. Open Source Research adopted the idea and the organization is working with Professor Stefan Benz to develop the concept, attract attention of surgical community and explore collaboration with medical industry.

What we learned from Human Genome Project: share data

Twenty years ago the Human Genome Project (HGP) unveiled a mostly complete sequence of the roughly 3bn base pairs of DNA found in every set of human chromosomes.

Genomics has added a new dimension to the study of life and evolution. It has helped scientists understand genes and proteins, and how they govern the growth and function of cells. Crispr gene editing—a way to precisely modify the DNA in cells—gives researchers a handle on cellular function and dysfunction.

The data and findings from the #HGP came close to being hidden behind patents. Instead, they were opened up to the public, which proved crucial—a useful lesson for other big projects.

Biologists’ databases now hold the sequences of millions of people and other organisms. This has helped draw links between genes, traits and diseases and also enhanced scientists’ understanding of evolution.

The exaggerated data protection will delay science.

Scientists must tell politicians.

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