Social responsibility as our members see it

Morten H. Haugaard

M.Sc. sociology- Aalborg University, Denamrk Member of OpenSourceResearch Collboration

Knowledge is the foundation of not only development, but also democracy and freedom. OpenSourceResearch Collaboration believes that the knowledge we create should be available to anyone, regardless of income, culture and academic background. For this reason we strive for publishing in open access journals, while also offering free memberships for people who lack the resources to pay the regular membership fee. We are by heart non-profit and also strongly believe that everyone will be able to contribute to research and development in clinical research, as well as our ventures into information technology and artificial intelligence. We want to democratise knowledge and research, while simultaneously maintaining high validity. This is also the thought behind our innovative approaches to research through social media. It allows people from all over the world to contribute and be a part of a larger research network, giving them an academic voice, while the bright mind of every corner of the world gets put to good use. We are independent from powerfull medical industries and bureaucratic universities and can therefore freely and efficiently develop solutions through our research, that can benefit patients undergoing treatment all over the world.