Transforming #OpenSourceResearch Collaboration from a network of international researcher who joined forces to do research online to a registered international organisation is a huge task.  In these few lines, I shall point out the most important achievements in the first 100 days since the organisation was born. There were many challenges that I chose to talk about them in another article.  But we grow up with challenges, don’t we?  We learn by doing and by interacting with other people.  Knowledge seeking is a life- long adventure.  We must enjoy it.  If we are not enjoying then we are not learning.


We have 12 different projects covering many clinical aspects where there is a need for information technology to support research.  Each project composed of many studies. These projects are at different stages of “production”.  While project nr. 1 is finished, project nr. 2 is planning a survey and workshop, project nr.3 has just started with a systematic review, project nr. 12 submitted the first study and our team is working with study number two. We are working in teams and we are learning from each other.


We established the executive committee (), the communication committee () and the membership committee ().  The next step will be to create an active, dedicated, innovative and engaged research committee composed of researchers from different scientific disciplines.


 We established in collaboration with researchers from different scientific fields.  We are keen to expand our network to involve more researchers, statisticians, engineers, journalists and even advocates.  We need everyone who would like to take part in #OpenSourceResearch Collaboration.  We are also for everyone who wants help from #OpenSourceResearch Collaboration.


We started collaboration with other research organisations.  At the time being we are exploring how we can we support each other.  It is expected that in the coming few months we shall be engaged in many joint ventures with governmental and private organisations.


we are moving in confident small steps towards our goals.

  • All are invited. 
  • All are welcome.