The open source research collaboration offers an wide variety of services to our members including:
Design of research
Management of the data
Data analysis
Peer review of further research
Recruitment of contributors and patients to different research projects
Services are offered by our members and people who are interested in advancing research. Please, contact if you want to hear more about these services.

Mentorship and establishment of a solid network for research success

One of the most important building blocks of a junior surgeon-scientist’s career is the establishment of a solid and broad infrastructure of experienced mentors to help them find a niche and to help guide them to establish a research network within or outside their academic institution. Sener 2019 Best practices for enhancing surgical research: a perspective from the Canadian Association of Chairs of Surgical Research

#OpenSourceResearch collaboration is a good start for junior researchers. We would love to help you in your research. 

Our members have a wide range of experince in clinical research and bioinformatics. We are open to new ideas. If you like to discuss your ideas, just contact us

The intangible asset

The most important asset in any research effort is intellectual capital and research creativity.

“Core competencies are different in every organization [but represent] part of an organization’s personality. Every organization needs one core competence: Innovation. And every organization needs a way to record and appraise its innovative performance.”

[Souba 2000 Judging Surgical Research: How Should We Evaluate Performance and Measure Value].

That is what #OpenSourceResearch collaboration aiming to create in our members: intangible asset that will change their fortune.

Information technology to support clinical research